Ouarzazate Film Studios

Oasis Studios

In 2016, the visionary team at K Films brought their cinematic dreams to life with the birth of Oasis Studios Morocco. Nestled atop a vast 17-hectare expanse just above the enchanting Fint Oasis near Ouarzazate, the studios are a testament to the perfect fusion of innovation and creativity.

These studios are not just another filming location; they are a living, breathing hub of cinematic excellence, meticulously designed to meet worldwide standards and accommodate productions of all sizes and types. Whether you envision an epic blockbuster or an intimate indie project, Oasis Studios Morocco is the canvas your imagination can paint.

Atlas Studios

Step into the captivating world of cinematic history at Atlas Corporation Studios. Established in 1983, these iconic studios are nestled just 5 kilometers from the entrance of a city steeped in culture and artistry. With a legacy dating back nearly four decades, Atlas Studios has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the film industry in the Ouarzazate region.

From the moment you set foot on this hallowed ground, you’ll be transported to the heart of countless movie magic moments. Since 1984, this legendary studio has set the stage for some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history. Picture yourself in the footsteps of stars like Michael Douglas in ‘The Jewel of the Nile,’ directed by Ridley Scott in ‘Gladiator,’ and alongside Brad Pitt in ‘Babel.’ The list continues, with Martin Scorsese’s ‘Kundun’ just one more gem in the crown.

While closed for extensive renovations since 2017, the Atlas Studios have reopened their doors to the public. It’s your chance to embark on a mesmerizing journey through cinematic history. Our 45-minute guided tours will lead you through 25 meticulously crafted sets, each with a unique story. These backdrops have left a lasting mark on the silver screen, and now, they’re yours to explore.

As you walk in the footsteps of legendary actors and visionary directors, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for filmmaking. Atlas Studios is not just a place; it’s a portal to the realm of dreams and imagination, where reality meets fantasy and stories come to life.

So, whether you’re a die-hard film enthusiast or simply curious about the magic behind the scenes, a visit to Atlas Corporation Studios is an experience you will want to experience. Come, be part of the legacy, and let the enchantment of the silver screen captivate your senses—Atlas Studios, where the magic happens and history is made.

Cinema Museum

Unlock the captivating world of cinema’s past and present at the Ouarzazate Cinema Museum. This extraordinary treasure trove of cinematic history had its humble beginnings in 1981 when Italian film companies first set up shop in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Fast forward to July 30, 2007, and the doors of the Ouarzazate Cinema Museum officially swung open, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey through the magic of moviemaking.

Nestled majestically in the shadow of the Kasbah of Taourirte and alongside the city’s artisanal complex, the museum occupies a sprawling 2 hectares of land. It’s not just a building; it’s a sprawling canvas where the tapestry of cinematic history is woven.

Step inside, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by meticulously recreated film sets that transport you to the epic stories of the Bible and the grandeur of iconic films gracing this region. Each corner of the museum whispers tales of legendary characters and unforgettable moments captured on the silver screen.

But the Ouarzazate Cinema Museum is more than just a repository of cinematic artifacts. It’s a testament to film’s enduring power, designed to preserve the memories and magic of the industry. It’s where history meets art, and the past merges seamlessly with the present.

This remarkable institution is not just a museum; it’s a catalyst for tourism in the city. It’s a cultural and artistic hub, offering a stage for creativity to flourish and for the soul of Ouarzazate to shine through.

If you’re a cinephile or simply curious about the rich history of filmmaking, a visit to the Ouarzazate Cinema Museum is an absolute must. It’s a journey through time and the evolution of an art form that can move hearts, inspire dreams, and bring stories to life. Come, be part of this legacy, and let the magic of the movies envelop your senses. The Ouarzazate Cinema Museum: where cinema’s past, present, and future collide.

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