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Filming permits for film productions

Morocco is a land of stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making it a popular destination for filmmakers around the world.  However, navigating the process of obtaining a film permit in Morocco requires a thorough understanding of local regulations and the necessity of partnering with a Moroccan production company. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential steps and considerations for securing your film permit.

Before you can obtain a film permit and operate legally in Morocco, you must identify a Moroccan production partner who holds an “autorisation d’exercices et agrément de production. This authorization is crucial as executing cinematography for foreign entities is an activity under special regulation in Morocco. Not every company possesses this authorization, making the selection of a production partner a critical step in your planning process.

Why you need a Moroccan production partner

The legislation requiring a Moroccan production partner applies to a wide range of productions, including: feature films, short films, television series, documentaires, reality television, music videos, institutional videos.

The Role of your production partner:

Your production partner in Morocco will:

1 – Act as a legal intermediary: They bridge the gap between your company and the local crew, ensuring compliance with Moroccan laws.

2 – Handle production accountancy: Depending on the size and length of your production, all financial transactions will be managed either through your partner or a dedicated project bank account.

3 – Ensure professional and security standards: They ensure all local regulations are followed, providing a safe and professional working environment.

Steps to obtain a film permit in Morocco

The Filming Permit shall be issued within 15 days, starting on the day after submission of the completed application:

  • A request for a filming permit, signed and stamped by the manager of the Moroccan company approved for executive production and addressed to the Director of the MFC (Moroccan Film Center)
  • The Filming Permit application form, duly completed, signed, and stamped by the company manage
  • Repatriation undertakings, duly signed and stamped by the Moroccan company and the foreign company
  • A copy of legalized script  in Arabic or French
  • A film synopsis in Arabic or French
  • A duly signed and stamped accreditation by the foreign company in favor of the Moroccan executive-production company.
  • An agreement between the Moroccan company and the foreign production company to send the Moroccan Film Center a bank statement specifying the amounts of financial transfers made in Morocco by the foreign production company into the bank account allocated to the production, before the end of the month following the last day of shooting.
  • A list of foreign technicians, and of Moroccan technicians across all specialisms with their PIC numbers issued by the MFC, whilst respecting the quota of 25% Moroccan technicians.
  • The contracts entered into with the film’s Moroccan technical-artistic team, duly signed and stamped by the contracting parties, must be submitted with the application. Other contracts must be submitted to the MFC before the start of filming, or within 5 days of the said contract being signed
  • The Production Manager must be a Moroccan national and a PIC holder.
  • The production company must recruit one trainee for every 8 PIC-holding technicians. Trainees must be recruited from those already entered on the trainee list that is available from the MFC together with their registration numbers.
  • The work schedule.
  • The call sheet for each day’s filming must be submitted to the MFC on the eve of filming.
  • Evidence of having paid the Filming Permit fee pursuant to the current scale of charges
  • Bank attestation of the turnover achieved by the foreign production in Morocco before the end of the month following the last day of shooting.