Isli and Tislit Lakes

Discover Isli and Tistlit Lakes A Tale of Love Carved in Nature

Isli and Tistlit Lakes, a captivating lakeside filming location, are a hiker’s delight, offering an enchanting backdrop for cinematic storytelling. Located just 20 kilometers from Imilchil, these lakes are easily accessible via a well-paved road. Tistlit, the first of the two lakes, greets you with its pristine waters, covering a vast expanse of 1.3 square kilometers and reaching depths of 27 meters. A camping area by the lakeside provides a front-row seat to the stunning natural vistas while keeping you close to the region’s essential attractions.

A short journey down the road, you’ll discover Isli, a larger body of water spanning 2.55 square kilometers and plunging to depths of 95 meters. Its crystal-clear waters act as an expansive mirror, reflecting the nearby snowy peaks that catch the light, creating the perfect conditions for capturing the beauty of wild landscapes through the lens.

Isli and Tistlit Lakes

The story behind these lakes is one of forbidden love—a tale of two souls, Tistlit from the Ait Yaâza tribe and Isli from Ait Brahim, united near a water source between their opposing tribes. Their love was so pure and genuine that it became impossible for them to live apart. Yet, their families opposed their union. The story takes a tragic turn as the Amazigh Romeo and Juliet flee and seek solace on a mountaintop, their tears of sorrow powerful enough to create the lakes, Isli and Tistlit. Their love story ultimately ends in heartbreak and loss. In response, the two tribes decided to establish a tradition, allowing their young men and women to marry freely once a year.

The lakes are a testament to nature’s beauty and a symbol of enduring love and cultural heritage, offering filmmakers a unique and emotional lakeside filming location to craft their narratives.

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