ICHI - Photo Production in Morocco

ICHI, known for its trendy seasonal collections, took on a new project for its Spring Opening 2025 collection. We chose the Agafay Desert in Morocco for its unique and beautiful landscape.

After scouting the Agafay Desert, we identified the most picturesque spots for the photoshoot, ensuring each location matched ICHI’s creative vision. Additionally, we obtained all necessary drone permits for aerial shots, securing compliance with local regulations.

We provided full-scale production support, coordinating schedules and managing on-site logistics. Recognizing the importance of time and mobility, especially in remote desert locations, we facilitated all transportation needs. This included moving equipment, crew, and fashion pieces.

ICHI - photo production
Photo production Agafay - ICHI


Client: ICHI
Production: Ozz Films & Broadway productions
Services: photo production in Morocco, location scouting, drone permit, aerial photography, production services, transportation
Location: Agafay, Morocco

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