Race Across The World - Suomi

Our sense of adventure has reached new heights with the Finnish reality show Race Across the World Suomi. The show takes six couples on an adventurous journey from Marrakech to Tangier, on their way to Finland.
The aim of the competition is simple: to be the fastest to arrive at a specific destination, with any means of transport other than air being permitted.
The competitors traveled through a variety of landscapes and cultures without the use of modern technology. The challenges test their teamwork and problem-solving skills, adding suspense to the race.

Our team scouted locations in Marrakech, Agafay, Rabat, and Tangier as playgrounds for the contestants before the competition took them across the border. We also took care of online production, production management and securing the necessary filming permits.


Client: Moskito Television
Production: Ozz Films
Services: Location scouting, line production, production management, film permit
Location: Marrakech, Rabat, Tanger

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