In the bustling city of Marrakech, renowned fashion brand Burberry aimed to create a spring-summer campaign that would blend Morocco’s rich culture with the elegance and sophistication of its photoshoot production in Marrakech. We collaborated with A.S.A.P Production Services and MB Services Maroc to bring this vision to life. The goal was to manage a seamless photoshoot campaign, showcasing the art of the collection against a backdrop of vibrant colors and ancient alleyways of Marrakech landscapes.

We handled every aspect of the production; our journey began with extensive location scouting, where we explored Marrakech’s historical sites and hidden gems to find the perfect sets that would harmonize with Burberry’s vision. We also managed the budget and created a shooting schedule that maximized productivity without compromising creativity. In addition, we took care of accommodation and transportation, ensuring the comfort and convenience of the entire team throughout the project.


Client: Burberry
Production: MB Services Maroc, A.S.A.P. Production Service & Ozz Films
Services: stills production services in Morocco, location scouting, line production, production management, film permit
Location: Marrakech, Kasbah Oumnaste

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