Airbnb Africa Host Spotlight 2023

Our client, Airbnb, sought to highlight the hospitality experiences offered by its hosts in Africa. As part of this initiative, it launched the Airbnb Africa Host Spotlight Awards, which recognize standout hosts across the continent.
Our task was to provide production services for Airbnb’s video series featuring the winners of the 2023 Airbnb Africa Host Spotlight awards. The aim was to showcase the unique hospitality experiences offered by these hosts and their properties, thereby promoting tourism in Africa.

The winners of the Airbnb Africa Host Spotlight 2023 awards were Mohammed and Jessica in Fez, and Lahcen and Hanin in Tamri, Morocco. These two hosts won the award in the unique stay category for their distinctive home. Our team planned and executed the production of the video series.
We filmed the hosts’ interviews, revealing their warmth and professional expertise. They became our guides, showcasing the local area and their unique homes.


Client: Airbnb
Production: Ozz Films, Broadway Production 
Services: line production, production management, film permit, video production
Location: Tamri, Fez

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