Agadir's Versatility: A Compelling Choice for Filmmakers

Located at the foot of the Anti-Atlas mountains, Agadir is a captivating filming destination. Renowned for its Coastal Filming Locations that open onto the vast Atlantic Ocean, this Moroccan town was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1960, transforming it into a dynamic city exuding the charm of a well-equipped European seaside resort with luxurious hotels and modern amenities. What sets Agadir apart is its splendid coastline, providing one of Morocco’s safest environments for swimming and water sports. The city’s strategic location and temperate climate guarantee year-round sunshine, attracting residents and international visitors.

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Rising 230 meters above sea level, the Kasbahah d’Agadir Ouffela offers an enchanting panorama of the city and its surroundings. This makes it a prime Coastal Filming Location in Agadir, Morocco. Originally built by Sultan Mohamed Echeikh as a defensive fortress against Portuguese attacks, the kasbah is rich in history, gracing the Agadir skyline.

The Souk El Had is a unique Moroccan market full of authenticity and energy in the city’s heart. Filmmakers can capture the essence of local culture here, making it an ideal Coastal Filming Location in Agadir, Morocco. This market, the largest in Africa, covers over 13 hectares and over 3,000 stores. From a distance, it resembles a fortress, with its 6-meter-high wall pierced by 13 large gates. The market square is divided into several distinct sections, yet Souk El Had combines modernism and heritage, renovating the buildings while retaining their Amazigh architecture.

The Coco Polizzi Medina, a masterpiece of Agadir architecture, reflects the city’s rich heritage. Designed by Italian artist Coco Polizzi, this reconstructed medina pays tribute to Agadir’s past, devastated by the earthquake. Located close to the city center, the Polizi Medina extends over 4.5 hectares of lush gardens and traditional structures. Inspired by the conventional Berber house design and the influence of Arab culture, the medina’s ochre walls and geometric patterns transport you back in time. Every street corner reveals traditional Moroccan architecture, from sculpted wooden doors to wrought-iron balconies decorated with colorful mosaics.

From modern urban settings to ancient Kasbahs, traditional markets, and Argan forests, filmmakers have many options to meet their storytelling needs in the Coastal Filming Locations in Agadir, Morocco. This versatility makes creating diverse and captivating images that transport audiences into different worlds possible. With its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, this seaside town is a cinematic canvas to explore.

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